Founder & Head of Advanced Folio Capital Management

Eric Weschke

Eric has shown a deep commitment to financial literacy and guidance, evident in his teaching of numerous financial education courses throughout New York. He earned a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Finance and Management Information Systems, graduating with honors from the University at Albany. This education laid the groundwork for his illustrious career in the financial services sector, including managing Advanced Folio Capital Management.

Eric Weschke has made noteworthy contributions to financial planning throughout his career. As the previous anchor of "Smart Planning Radio," he leveraged his knowledge to reach a wide audience, enhancing his influence through his writings, seminars, and educational workshops. His areas of expertise include the theory of institutional investments and all-encompassing financial planning, specializing in strategies for tax-efficient retirement income, safeguarding assets, and managing risk.

Eric's career is decorated with numerous accomplishments, such as serving as a National speaker, the Chief Technical Analyst for the Swing-Trader Market News Letter, and holding senior roles at several financial institutions. He has been nationally recognized, notably as the top representative in the USA for Northwestern Mutual. His dedication to superior performance has earned him national accolades and a multitude of awards within the industry, including the Advisor of the Year title in 2003 by Comprehensive Planning.

Residing in Long Island, NY, with his spouse and two daughters, Eric places high value on family and community engagement. His professional drive is fueled by a commitment to helping his clients attain financial security and tranquility during their retirement years, underscoring his dedication and enthusiasm for financial advisory services.

Eric Weschke’s career is distinguished by his profound knowledge, steadfast dedication, and a sincere wish to assist others. His method to financial planning and education demonstrates not only his extensive expertise and experience but also his earnest ambition to positively influence the financial well-being of individuals and families. As an advisor, educator, and former radio show host, Eric continues to illuminate the path for those seeking to understand and navigate the complexities of financial planning and investments.


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